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Aster Analytics now runs natively on Hadoop

Break out of the Box, Dive into the Hadoop Data Lake

Learn about Aster Analytics on Hadoop: Overview, Business Benefits, Analyst Benefits, and Resources.

Drive more value from your data lake with Teradata Aster Analytics on Hadoop. Business Analysts and Citizen Data Scientists can quickly and easily find interesting patterns, relationships and insights in their Hadoop data lake with over 100 prebuilt, multi-genre advanced analytics that scales across their Hadoop cluster.


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Business Benefits

  • Data Science for Business Analytics
    • Easy to use, multi-genre analytics at scale to quickly uncover insights from data in Hadoop
    • Data science for SQL and R savvy business analyst
    • Prebuilt Aster Analytic Solutions to accelerate time to value
  • Single System for Multiple Use Cases
    • Analytics environment to support the business analyst yet flexible enough for data scientist and R programmers
    • Create multiple analytical environments to support different projects, departments and use cases on the same platform accessing the same data
    • Analyze text, web and IoT data all within a single environment
  • Native on Hadoop
    • YARN integration (1st class-citizen) for predictable performance, scalability and multi-tenancy
    • Accelerate analytics against larger data sets by eliminating data movement across system
    • Leverage your existing Hadoop clusters and hdfs for analytic processing and data storage


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Analyst Benefits

  • Analytic Processing - At Scale
    • Super simple scalable, high-performance data wrangling
    • Analyze structured and multi-structured data directly in your Hadoop data lake
    • Multi-purpose analytic environment that supports use-cases from exploration-and-discovery to production model-scoring
  • Build More Analytic Models, Faster
    • Data science library with parallel path, pattern, text, graph, time-series and statistical analytics – ready to run
    • Simple, integrated workflow and API to maximize data scientist and analyst productivity
    • Build models on the Hadoop data lake, – then score them wherever it makes sense with the Aster Scoring SDK
  • Flexible, Easy-To-Use Technology
    • SQL-based API to enable Business Analysts to do data science
    • Enable R programmers to scale analytics, while using R tools and interfaces that they know-and-love
    • Sophisticated analytic insights are only a point-and-click away with Aster AppCenter and prebuilt Aster Analytic Solutions


Multi-genre advanced analytics at scale to empower business analyst to uncover insights to solve business problems.

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