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Academic Programs

Teradata University Network - The Premier Data Analytics Teaching Portal

Mastering the challenges of tomorrow's dynamic data warehousing and IT environments will require a combination of technical expertise and practical, hands-on training — and that's exactly what students experience at Teradata University Network (TUN).

The academic board that drives this unique teaching portal is composed of leading practitioners and renowned academics recruited from around the world, united by their dedication to sharing innovative, proactive applications of authentic technology for data-driven decisions.

Our goal is to train students to be break-through thinkers and doers who use data warehousing to create business value. To learn how your organization can connect with this next generation of talent, please contact us.

Click here to join, with academic credentials.

"TUN is a win-win, win-win, win-win situation. Teradata is increasing brand awareness and thought leadership, students get leading-edge skills, professors are more effective and employers receive skilled recruits."

Barb Wixom, Program Director of MS MIT at the McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia


Bringing Reality to the Virtual Classroom

TUN gives students a taste of corporate reality. Via the companion Teradata Student Network web site, professors design assignments using databases with millions of records — all without the issue of scale. TUN also provides students with resources that would normally be prohibitively expensive for a university to develop and maintain, thereby creating opportunities to learn realistic business intelligence using Teradata data warehousing technology.

Bridging the Talent Gap

TUN students enter the working world with the caliber of knowledge and experience that makes them desirable additions to any enterprise engaged in data warehousing and business intelligence. Moreover, they'll be exposed to cutting-edge architectural innovations in the areas of scalability, usability and advanced functionality for database management with the enterprise data warehouse.

Bringing Business and IT Together

Ongoing education is essential to keep executives abreast of changes in technology and business. TUN offers courses to help executives learn how to align IT initiatives with business strategy and to drive business more efficiently through effective use of IT — including:

Thought-Provoking Feedback from the Academic Board

TUN gives members of the academic board a voice to speak out on today's teaching requirements:

  • Podcasts:Barb Wixom, University of Virginia, Michael Goul, Arizona State University, Jeff Hoffer, University of Dayton, and others ; Professor Robert Winter, University of St. Gallen explains how Teradata University Network is a great resource for universities. 
  • Articles:
    • Anytime, anywhere, any classroom
      Universities take a real-world approach to data warehouse education.

Get Actively Involved

TUN fosters radical collaboration between academics, students and industry. If you would like to contribute and connect to this powerful academic community, please contact us.